Dusty Brain

It’s been over a decade since I had the pleasure of sitting in Professor Robert Redding’s Advanced C Programming course. He was an awesome teacher, and I learned all my basic data structures and algorithms from him. He was old fashioned in his method of teaching, preferring pen and paper and “show your work” type exercises, and his exams were always full of trick questions that really tested our understanding of the material (I am thinking especially of several exam questions about pointers). I’m proud to say I was one of his best students. He taught me…

Listening to this interview made me miss Canada big time

With the news cycles in the US constantly drawing battle lines between Blacks vs. Cops, Trump vs. Muslim immigrants, Democrats vs. Republicans, I realize how lucky I am to have immigrated to Canada when I did, where our current Minister of National Defense is a practicing Sikh. How Canada’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan made a place for himself in the institution he now leads ‘Everybody has a burden that you carry and we should use it to push us.’

Love this song!!!

It’s the song you need on the last lap of a run, to draw out that last ounce of energy and feel like a star athlete as you pound the pavement. Or, at the gym doing deadlifts. It’s on my coding playlist, it’s gotten through one of those Murphy’s law days Okay, one more listen then I’ll stop.

I finally started reading Harry Potter. Yes, its like I've been living on another planet not to have read them by now. I bought all the books one after the other for my youngest brother to encourage his reading at the height of the Harry Potter fever, and I'm happy to say it worked. He's an avid reader now, though mostly of fantasy fiction and manga.

I was on a cruise recently (my first) on the Norwegian Escape out of Miami, and one of the many games organized was a Harry Potter trivia game. And I realized that not only did I not finish watching the series, I also couldn't remember enough to score even 10 points on the quiz. So, I've been rectifying the situation and dusted off my Kindle DX and am reading my way through the series. I'm actually already on Book 3 🙂

Big Life Changes

The last two years seem to have flown by in the blink of an eye. I got engaged in March 2014, started a new job in October 2014, got married September 2015, moved to Texas November 2015, started a new job February 2016. I’m exhausted, but the fun’s not over yet!